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Andrea Camargo

Andrea worked as A2ii's technical expert from 2013-2022 and was the director of Inspowering. Born in Colombia, as a qualified lawyer Andrea specialised in Insurance Law and brings 19 years of experience. She has been working for over 13 years in inclusive insurance, providing advice to international organisations, supervisory authorities, and private companies on “best practices” to design and implement responsible inclusive insurance solutions worldwide.

The adoption of innovative consumer-centric approaches is essential to reduce the insurance protection gap of those who are most vulnerable. Without understanding their complexities, we will never be able to provide sustainable solutions nor adopt regulatory approaches that unlock access to valuable insurance for them. I am committed to build bridges to enable supervisors, providers and other stakeholders to appreciate the complexities of the most vulnerable. 

Blog Posts from Andrea Camargo

06.04.2020 | Andrea Camargo | Consumer Protection, Covid-19

Covid-19: A new impetus to enable access to insurance for the most vulnerable

The coronavirus pandemic presents an opportunity for all stakeholders involved in promoting access to insurance to be more empathetic with those who usually lack financial resilience and to realise the urgent need to narrow the insurance gap to make them more resilient. This crisis should provide the insurance industry and supervisors with the impetus to enable and promote innovation to unlock access to valuable insurance products for those who need them the most and build trust in a responsible insurance market.