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SDG 1: No Poverty and SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

Think of a woman selling tomatoes in Kenya. Her most basic issue is the stock. In case there's a fire in that particular market, she would lose everything that she brought that morning to sell. (Elias Omondi, IRA Kenya)

If that peril strikes, some families are unable to recover and return to a life of dignity. (Grace Mohamed, NAMFISA)




The ability to manage and finance risk is a key element in developing societies and alleviating poverty. Insurance can help prevent people from falling back into poverty and escape the poverty trap.


Supervisors can stimulate the inclusive insurance market

Proportionate and risk-based supervision is key to reducing the protection gap and fostering broader economic resilience.

Supervisors' role in removing regulatory barriers for new entrants and products to the market can support the development of inclusive insurance and foster proportionality and risk-based supervision. 

Effective supervision and regulation create conditions for inclusive insurance market development. Through ongoing solvency and consumer protection activity, supervisors ensure the sustainability of inclusive insurance solutions and through multistakeholder dialogue, including advising government, insurance supervisors ensure their soundness.  

As risks become more complex, the importance of partnerships and multistakeholder dialogue grows. With their convening power, supervisors can initiate discussions, access governments and other stakeholders, both locally and internationally, to learn, exchange information and jointly develop solutions.


A2ii work on SDG 1 and SDG 10

♦ A2ii-IAIS Pandemic Risk Webinar Series: The Protection Gap (video) 

The first webinar in this three-part series explored on-going public-sector initiatives including catastrophic risk insurance facilities and programmes to address the protection gap. We also discussed the role of supervisors, the insurance industry and policymakers to work together to address it. On this moderated expert dialogue, we heard from the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, Africa Risk Capacity and the United Nations Development Program.

♦ A2ii blog post looking back at the Pandemic Risk Protection Gap event: The pandemic proposition: a stronger insurance front for sustainable development goals 

Imagine if every year the population of an entire country the size of the Philippines fell into poverty because of out-of-pocket expenditures on health services. The WHO data on global health coverage presents a sombre picture. Every year 100 million people are pushed into poverty because of lack of health coverage; that without the burden of a global pandemic. Continue reading...

♦ A2ii blog post: Cenfri: the role of insurers to get economies back to business

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, insurance should be a primary mechanism for many people across the world to cope. Instead, the limited penetration of insurance products in developing countries has pushed insurance to the periphery. However, all is not lost. Insurers still have a key role to play in getting societies back to work through the support of enterprises and, in doing so, building consumer confidence in the insurance sector more widely. Continue reading...

♦ IAIS Application Paper on Regulation and Supervision supporting Inclusive Insurance Markets, 2012 

More firmly anchored on the proportionality principle and the updated 2011 ICPs, the paper provides clearer guidance on key topics such as facilitating innovation, managing transitions to formality, the role of the supervisor and regulatory definition of microinsurance, among others. It remains an essential reference paper to this day. 

♦ A2ii resources on proportionate regulation

♦ A2ii resources on inclusive insurance fundamentals.  


♦ A2ii-IAIS Supervisory Dialogue Accounting Standards (IFRS 17): the Role of Insurance Supervisors

 IAA-A2ii- IAIS Mini series of webinars on risk-based financial management and supervision

 Inclusive Insurance Regulations Map

♦ Sixteen years of inclusive insurance regulation - blog

♦ Supervisory KPIs Lexicon 

♦ IAA-A2ii-IAIS Capacity Building of Insurance Supervisors - Leveraging Actuarial Skills

♦ Inclusive Insurance Training Programme for Sub-Saharan Africa Insurance Supervisors 

 A2ii-ASSAL-IAIS First Strategic Roundtable for Latin American Supervisors

♦ A2ii-FSI-IAIS-SARB Regional Meeting for Insurance Supervisors from Sub-Saharan Africa

♦ A2ii-IAIS First Strategic Roundtable for Asian Supervisors

♦ Inclusive Insurance Training Programme for CEET Insurance Supervisors 


♦ A2ii-IAIS Public Dialogue on How to Raise Insurance Awareness for Market Development - lessons from the Second Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab

♦ A2ii-FSI-IAIS-SARB Regional Meeting for Insurance Supervisors from Sub-Saharan Africa

♦ Spanish language IAA-A2ii- IAIS Capacity Building of Insurance Supervisors - Leveraging Actuarial Skills

♦ Training module: Accounting Standards and IFRS 17 (May 2022)

♦ A2ii-IAIS Supervisory Dialogue Reflection on the Implementation of IFRS 17 (May 2022)

♦ Inclusive Insurance Training Programme (August 2022)

A2ii-IAIS Supervisory Dialogue on Regulatory Challenges and Supervisory Demands in Facilitating Remittance-linked insurance (September 2022) 
A recording is available.

♦ Dialogue Report - Challenges and supervisory demands in facilitating migrant insurance

♦ Training module: Risk Based Capital Regimes in Emerging Markets (November 2022)

♦ A2ii-IAIS Supervisory Dialogue on Risk Based Supervision (December 2022)


♦ Risk-based Capital and Supervision - A2ii-IAIS Supervisory Dialogue Report


♦ Blog - Innovating for financial inclusion - the role of insurance supervisors (January 2023)

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