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Réglementation proportionnée

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Présentations, Rapports et publications, Réglementation proportionnée, Global | 2018

Ratios et structures de coûts utilisés dans le contrôle de l’assurance (la 28e Consultation téléphonique A2ii – AICA)

This call that took place on 24 May 2018, dealt with supervisory ratios in insurance supervision, particularly in relation to client value and product cost structures. A record number of 89
Présentations, Rapports et publications, Escroquerie, Global | 2018

Réactions des contrôleurs dans la lutte contre la fraude - Appel de consultation A2ii-IAIS, 19 juil 2018

Insurance fraud is a phenomenon that every supervisory authority comes into contact with sooner or later, and if left unchecked it can seriously harm the health of the insurance market. On this
Rapports et publications, Formalisation, Amérique latine et Caraïbes | 2018

Supervisory Dialogue on the impact of informality on insurance markets - what supervisors can do

This Supervisory Dialogue event provided an overview of how informality is affecting insurance markets, examined the risks and focused on the challenges faced by insurance supervisors as a result. The
Présentations, Rapports et publications, Divulgation d'informations, Global | 2017

Approche proportionnée de la divulgation d’informations - Compte rendu de la 23ème Consultation téléphonique

O n this call, we examined the practical aspects of proportional disclosure regulation, which can encourage the industry to offer inclusive insurance while ensuring consumer protection. This call also
Présentations, Rapports et publications, Réassurance, Global | 2017

Réassurance - Appel de consultation A2ii-IAIS

In response to requests from the IAIS Executive Committee as well as Latin American supervisors the next A2ii-IAIS Consultation Call will be on the topic of reinsurance. The call focused on