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SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals

Many of the initiatives tied to SDGs where insurance can make a contribution require multi-stakeholder partnerships and coordination to work. The stakeholders range from international development organisations, government and regulators, non-governmental organisations, industry players to communities themselves.

Considerations for supervisors

Supervisors, particularly those who are members of the IAIS or are active in global platforms, have access to global discussions on insurance and SDGs.

Sharing the latest developments such as on inclusive insurance, ESG reporting or climate-risk management, can gradually prepare and build capacity within the sector. This also enables supervisors to gauge the openness or readiness of the industry and anticipate implementation challenges.

Proactively discussing these developments with policymakers, highlighting the role of insurance, will help pave the way to well-coordinated initiatives, and open the door to public-private partnerships in insurance.

A2ii work on SDG 17

 The Inclusive Insurance Innovation lab (iii-lab) is a part of A2ii’s core capacity building activities.   The Inclusive Insurance Innovation Lab (iii-lab) is an international capacity-building programme where 4 countries' teams made up of a wide range of stakeholders of the inclusive insurance sector work on innovative solutions to advance the development of their insurance market.

♦ A2ii-IAIS Public Dialogues provide a platform for exchange and learning for a wider community of stakeholders, including the industry. The Dialogues are one-hour thematic exchanges introduced by expert/supervisors’ presentations. Presentations from the Dialogues are made available on the events’ pages, and post-event summaries are made available on the A2ii Blog.

♦ Consultative Forums are a dynamic platform for discussion and exchange between policymakers, supervisors and the industry. Their purpose is to foster knowledge and understanding around topics related to the development of the inclusive insurance market. Three events are organised a year in Africa, Latin America and Asia respectively, all covering one same selected topic of the year.

Recent A2ii partnerships

In March 2023, the A2ii and the UNCDF announced an agreement to drive access to insurance and pension for migrants, including climate disaster risk insurance. The UNCDF-A2ii collaboration will revolve around research and analysis, stakeholder consultations and networking, and learning and knowledge dissemination.

From 2021-2022, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) supported A2ii in implementing the project ‘Empowering supervisors to improve women’s access to insurance'. The project objective was to give insurance supervisors the knowledge and the tools they need to create frameworks conditions that facilitate better access to high quality insurance for women. Within this project, A2ii also developed a tool for insurance companies, regulators, supervisors and policymakers to collect and review sex-disaggregated data - the FeMa Meter Tool.


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