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PCI auto-évaluation

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Présentations, Rapports et publications, PCI auto-évaluation, Global | 2019

ICP Self-Assessment Tool

What is ICP SAT and how does it work? The ICP Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) is a joint initiative of the IAIS and the A2ii. It uses the analytic tools from the Peer Review Process (the self-assessment
Rapports et publications, Toolkits, PCI auto-évaluation, Global | 2017

Toolkit 3: Self-assessment and peer review process

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) and the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii) conducted the Self-Assessment and Peer Review (SAPR) on Regulation and Supervision
Rapports et publications, Principes de base de l'assurance inclusive, PCI auto-évaluation, Global | 2013

Technical Note 3: Self-assessment and peer review on regulation and supervision supporting inclusive insurance markets

The Technical Note No. 3 summarizes the objectives and the the observations of the self-assessment and peer review tool based on the Application Paper Regulation and Supervision supporting Inclusive