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Microinsurance Network members meeting

This two day event was attended by approximately 50 participants. The first day was dedicated to panel discussions; the second day provided members with an opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Network Strategy 2017-2022.

During the first day Hannah Grant (A2ii) participated in a panel debate on the importance of formalisation alongside Richard Lefty, CEO, of MicroEnsure. Although both panelist agreed on the importance of formalisation how and to what extent proportionality should be applied was hotly debated. Discussions focused on the supervision of non-traditional intermediaries such as Third Party Service Providers like MicroEnsure.

For those interested in more information on the event please visit the Microinsurance Networks website here.

Photo Credit: © A. Bianchessi/Microinsurance Network

Tuesday, 21. June 2016 12:00 PM
2 days
Königstein, Germany
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